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Trigger Instant Connection With Your Instagram Profile

Your handle, profile photo, Instagram name, and bio all tell your followers whether you’re trustworthy in just seconds. Find out how to optimize your Instagram profile to build connection (and collect followers!) effortlessly.

Plan over a month of Instagram content in just a few hours with this incredible (and totally swipeable!) 5 x 5 VALUE Framework from Tailwind. 

Also included? In-depth worksheets and workflows to help you plan your content from start to finish!

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This guide is jam-packed with tips, tools, and inspiration to get the perfect photo composition AND visually planning your feed to wow your followers!

Learn what makes you irresistible as a brand, and how to tap into this unique power to generate amazing Instagram content!

Tap into Your Unique Power

We tapped some of the best and brightest Tailwind for Instagram members to share their thoughts, feelings, and incredible tips on life after 10k (and what they learned along the road to 10K)!

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