Get your Instagram account in tip-top shape in 5 days, then start building a real follower base with 30 days of content inspiration.

What to Expect

5 Day Email Boot Camp + 30 Days of Prompts


  • Receive 30 days of post ideas and begin collecting photos
  • Create a weekly schedule that fits in your busy day
  • Benchmark your stats to track your growth over time
  • Personal or business account? Which is right for me?
  • Write an irresistible bio.
  • Find like-minded people to follow

Five minutes of prep makes a world of difference!


Let’s optimize your account!


Discover the best ways to create Instagram posts that engage

  • Learn what kind of content is already working for you
  • Discover amazing free photo sites and try your hand at graphic design with free tools, tips, and tricks 
  • Learn to repost in seconds - THE fastest way to share great content you don’t even have to create.
  • Find the hashtags YOU should be using for greater reach
  • Learn how to discover new, relevant hashtags before the competition does
  • Get the secret to the perfect hashtag ratio 

Learn the ins and outs and to become the hashtag #master


  • Schedule your first post
  • Learn how to load images from desktop & mobile
  • Post your first image of the challenge! 

Ready, Set, Schedule!


  • After posting 30 Instagram posts in 30 days, it's time to check in
  • Track follower growth, like growth, and identify your most popular post
  • Share the challenge with friends! #HumbleBrag

Congratulations! You're an Instagram MASTER! 

DAY 35

Sign up for the Challenge!

Weekly Inspiration Emails

DAY 6-30

  • Worried you’ll run out of things to post? Never fear! Each of these emails will contain an entire week’s worth of fun prompts.
  • Get ideas from our examples or post your own!
  • Start with our suggested hashtags.

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